The BEST of the Doobie Brothers

and our

 Original Road Themed Rock Show

Rockin Down The Hiway celebrating 10 years in 2019

 2019 TEN Year Anniversary Tour

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Rockin' DownThe Hiway

Doobie's Hits & Musical Trips

A Rockin' Down the Hiway performance is actually TWO shows in one night! 

The BEST of the Doobie Brothers and our Original Road Themed Rock Show!  

Our Tribute to the Doobies is an almost note for note presentation of their Biggest HiTs. Every song is done with Three and Four part harmonies. 

The Original, Rockin Road Show is an "All HiTs" format of songs, written about America's infatuation with Drivin, Ridin and Rollin down our Highways, Country Roads and Railways. The audience is invited to get on board, strap in and Hitch a Fun and Exciting, "Magic Carpet Ride" with us "SouthBound", as we go "Truckin" down "So Many Roads"..  We    will have you Rockin' Down The Hiway with us from the very first song to the end of the show!

In the last TEN years, we have honed our presentation to a set of HITS that has gotten the most response and crowd participation. Audiences are invited and encouraged to take part in the FUN and sing along, acapella.  The most recognizable lyrics from Black Water, Listen to the Music and Jesus is Just Alright get folks singing. During our Road Show they almost seem to compete to make the night a success and feel part of the show. Hits like Radar Love, Born to Be Wild, Cant Drive 55 and several others entice the guests to sing the hook!  

 The concept and our ten years of success has been to always make your guests feel welcome and that they got more than what they paid for. Our show is Fun and exciting!  We love to share the fun and make our audiences feel special. You will not be disappointed and neither will your guests!  


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