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Rockin Down The Hiway celebrating 10 years in 2019

 2020 ELEVENTH Year Anniversary Tour

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Rockin' Down The Hiway

It's Miller Time with doobies hits!

A Rockin' Down the Hiway performance is actually TWO shows in one night! 

The BEST of the Doobie Brothers and a Tribute to Steve Miller!  

Our Tribute to the Doobie Brothers is an almost note for note presentation of their Biggest HiTs. Every song is done with Three and Four part harmonies. 

 "It's Miller Time" is an hour long presentation of the VERY BEST songs that the Steve Miller Band produced.

Two legendary acts that helped define the "San Francisco Sound" from the mid 60s through the 80s, are guaranteed to "reach out and grab ya"!

We have carefully selected only the Biggest Hits from both bands! Songs that  fans know most of the lyrics and will have your audience on their feet, singing along with the show.

Expect to hear selections from the very beginning to the most current songs that are guaranteed to bring back memories and put a smile on the audiences faces. From Livin in the USA., Space Cowboy to Abracadabra then take a ride on that Big Ol' Jet Airliner. Plus a trip a Long Train Runnin' and the most recent Hit, Dangerous!

Through out  the last ELEVEN years, we have honed our presentation to a set of HITS that has gotten the most response and crowd participation. Audiences are invited and encouraged to take part in the FUN and sing along, a -capella.  Lyrics from Black Water, Listen to the Music and Jesus is Just Alright get folks singing. Plus, the hooks from Take the Money and Run, The Joker, Jet Airliner, Swingtown and Baby, Baby Baby Keep on Rockin Me!

 The concept and our eleven years of success has been to always make your guests feel welcome and that they got more than what they paid for. Our show is Fun and exciting!  We love to share the fun and make our audiences feel special. You will not be disappointed and neither will your guests!  


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